Conversations at the Bar – Shaylynn Rose

That’s right! Prolific author Shaylynn Rose took some time out of her busy writing schedule to chat with me and Andy last night.

If you’re a fan of her work – and there’s a lot of it! – you won’t want to miss this Conversation at the Bar. Once you’re done listening, you can follow any, or all, of the links below to find some great reads. Here’s the list that Shay sent me, because she’s super nice:

My tumblr:, livejournal:, My email: shaych3 at, and last, but not least, my website, such as it is:
Some fanfiction and original (including the just published “Pleasure Master” are here:, some fanfiction is here:, and some is here, as well:

So you can see that Shay has loads of stuff out there just waiting for you. And remember to feed those bards! It makes a big difference.

And I nearly forgot! In honor of the 2011 Femslashcon, Shaylynn read her story Message in a Bottle and we posted it here. You can find the three parts as Bar Rag 16, Bar Rag 17, and Bar Rag 18.

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