Category: Academy of Bards

  • Episode 93 – Blythe Rippon

    This is a very special episode. I know we say all of the episodes are special but this one is extra special! Not only do we have fantastic debut author Blythe Rippon with us, we’re announcing the winners of the Bearded Clam Challenge. We’re sending out a big thank you to all of the entrants […]

  • Episode 67 – Zee

    Andy was joined by guest co-host, and our favorite Canadian, Megan, to welcome author Zee to the show. If you don’t already know, Zee has penned a plethora of online fiction and teamed up with her favorite Canadian, Windstar, to bring you some action packed adventures. Zee revealed lots of interesting tidbits from her solo […]

  • Episode 62 – Fetchin’ Cousin Minnie by b. soiree

    Hey thar, dear listeners! We’s a maht happy ta knows yous a stopped bah to check out this here show! Whew, that’s tougher than it seems. I just wanted to set the mood for this episode. Andy and I discussed the wonderful western, Fetchin’ Cousin Minnie by b. soiree. You can read it fer yersef […]