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  • Conversations at the Bar – Renee MacKenzie

    Hello listeners! She’s baaaack. That’s right, author Renee MacKenzie is back, again, to wow us with her newest book, 23 Miles. In the course of the discussion we side-lined off to other things, you know how we are, but ultimately, Renee seduced us with her smooth talking wily ways and piqued our interest in her […]

  • Conversations at the Bar – Renee Mackenzie

    Hey, Andy here! Author, Renee Mackenzie joined us for a Conversation at the Bar to make us aware that she can still be had – even though her former publisher is no longer in business. That’s right, Renee is now with Affinity and you can skip over there to find Nesting, her third novel, which […]

  • Bar Rag 30 – Barrett reads Damaged in Service

    Bar Rag 30 – Barrett reads Damaged in Service

    Barrett gives us a taste of her book, Damaged in Service. She graciously reads the prologue and 1st chapter. If you like what you hear, pick up a copy and be sure to let the author know what you thought. You can buy a copy at Affinity Ebooks: Thanks, Barrett!