Conversations at the Bar – Renee Mackenzie

Hey, Andy here! Author, Renee Mackenzie joined us for a Conversation at the Bar to make us aware that she can still be had – even though her former publisher is no longer in business. That’s right, Renee is now with Affinity and you can skip over there to find Nesting, her third novel, which will be available for purchase after the 15th of October. And for you travelers, she will be in P-town this year. We even got a sneak peek of her fourth novel, 23 Miles, which is due in March of 2015. Is it March, yet? Seriously, you can buy Renee…ahem…her books through the usual sources.

5 responses to “Conversations at the Bar – Renee Mackenzie”

  1. Congratulations to Norsebard and Anonymous! I’m looking forward to reading those stories. Looking forward to your uber Xena westerns show, too.

  2. Congrats on the new publisher! Looking forward to finding it 🙂 Now I have to go find the Affinity site and prod then into releasing an audio version!

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