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  • Bar Rag – 70’s Music with Colette Moody

    We were supposed to chat with an author tonight but she got caught up with other stuff so we called our buddy, Colette Moody, and quizzed her on music from the 1970’s. She’s freakishly knowledgeable about the topic.  Here’s the site that we used: Give a listen, have a laugh, and see how well you […]

  • Flicks & Swizzle Sticks – Christopher Guest

    Hello everyone, it’s Nikki again with another movie-fest featuring our favorite Christopher Guest mockumentaries. Cheri joined me and brought with her a new guest star: super-talented author Colette Moody. Come for the vodka, stay for the quotable lines, and commiserate with us over Mitch and Mickey losing the Oscar to a forgettable Annie Lennox song. […]

  • Bar Rag 39 – 80’s Music Discussion with Colette Moody

    Andy, Colette, and I were having a conversation about some businessy type stuff when Moody started slamming on the music of the 1980s. I could not stand for such a slight and issued a challenge. Andy located the top 100 songs, as dictated by VH1, and the debate began! As with all things with us, […]