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  • Episode 98 – Fletcher DeLancey & The Caphenon

    The wait is finally over! Fletcher DeLancey’s brand new SciFi novel, The Caphenon is available today and we’ve got her first! After you watch, leave your comment answering the caste question and get entered to win either a copy of the ebook or some great swag items. Comments posted on or before 4/3/15 are eligible […]

  • Episode 89 – Sandra Moran

    We’re so very pleased that you decided to join us! After Sandra Moran shared a reading with us we knew she had to come back for a full show. So, sit back and relax and enjoy! If you want to see all the questions that were posted as a part of the live conversation, head […]

  • Conversations at the Bar – Rachel Spangler Reads from Timeless Live!

    Howdy dear listeners – and viewers! Today, we’re chatting with Rachel Spangler about her new book, Timeless. Rachel will be sharing a reading and giving a copy of the book away while we’re recording. We’re getting used to this new live video thing and we hope you’re enjoying having the option of watching or just […]