Tag: Romance

  • Conversations at the Bar – Wynn Malone

    Andy and I spent a little bit of time talking to Bywater author Wynn Malone about her new book, Finding the Grain. I really enjoyed the book and it’s on Andy’s TBR list. Give a listen, get some info and background on the book, and then leave a comment and get entered to win a […]

  • Episode 88 – Fletcher DeLancey

    That’s right, Fletcher DeLancey! I don’t know that I’ve ever seen Andy so excited about a guest. I mean, Andy’s excited about all of our guests but she was downright giddy over Fletcher. And with good reason – Ms. DeLancey was an absolute pleasure to talk to. She came on to talk about her new […]

  • Flicks and Swizzle Sticks – Romance (ish)

    I call this show “Romance (ish)” because the characters in one of our movies do NOT end up together (fair warning, romance fans). I promise I’m not spoiling 500 Days of Summer by saying that. You know that from the very start. But we still wanted to talk about it, so it stays! My semi-regular […]