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June 13, 2015 / Rev

Episode 101: Merry Shannon and Prayer of the Handmaiden

We’re very excited to have award winning author Merry Shannon as our guest. Sit back and enjoy the show and be sure to get entered to win a copy of her new release, Prayer of the Handmaiden. If you can’t wait, you can follow the link and buy yourself a copy or download a sample.

Be sure to watch and answer the question to be eligible to win a copy of Prayer of the Handmaiden!

May 13, 2015 / Rev

Episode 100 – The Winter People

Our favorite guest co-host Colette Moody joined in on the SPOILER FILLED discussion of Jennifer McMahon’s The Winter People. If you plan to read the book and don’t want to have the ending completely revealed, stop listening before the second half of the show. I think you’re safe before that. I repeat: This show is chock full of spoilers. Filled to the brim. You’ve been warned.

In celebration of our 100th episode, we’re giving away either a coffee mug or a pint glass from our Cafe Press store ( so be sure to leave a comment no later than June 12th. You can let us know what your favorite line from this show was or if you have a favorite episode that you’d like to mention or you can just say hello. Whatever you like. We’re easy. Well, Andy is anyway…

A big thanks to everyone who has helped us and supported us over the past 100 Cocktail Hour episodes. We couldn’t have done it without all of the wonderful supporters, co-hosts, listeners, and authors who have been a part of Cocktail Hour Productions. Thank you!

April 17, 2015 / Rev

Conversations at the Bar – Renee MacKenzie

Hello listeners! She’s baaaack. That’s right, author Renee MacKenzie is back, again, to wow us with her newest book, 23 Miles.

In the course of the discussion we side-lined off to other things, you know how we are, but ultimately, Renee seduced us with her smooth talking wily ways and piqued our interest in her newest novel. Don’t be shy, show Renee some love and buy her book.

You can download a sample or purchase a copy of 23 Miles by clicking here.

April 9, 2015 / Rev

Conversations at the Bar – EJ Runyon

Author and writing coach EJ Runyon joined us for a brief discussion of her debut novel, A House of Light and Stone. We also touched on writing and publishing and other interesting stuff.

EJ is offering up a mobi version of A House of Light and Stone to two lucky winners! Get your comments posted no later than May 8th to be eligible.

In addition to the give away here, EJ is also offering a one-hour coaching session for three folks. To get entered for that one, visit the Bridge to Story Facebook page and leave a comment there.

You can download a sample or purchase A House of Light and Stone by clicking here.

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