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January 31, 2015 / Nikki

Flicks and Swizzle Sticks Now Playing

Welcome to a special Flicks show where Georgia and Melissa joined me (Nikki) to talk about some recommendations for what you can watch right now! Do you have Netflix? Rent on iTunes? Want to make a trip to a theater? We’ve got you covered! There’s something for everyone in this show, so take some time out of your busy schedule to relax with us.

If there’s a movie on Netflix that you’re interested in getting our opinion of, drop me a line at and we’ll do a quick Now Playing show for you! I’ll watch basically anything that isn’t The Human Centipede, so there’s a world of possibilities!

And if you’re interested in seeing the scene we talked about in Happy Christmas, check it out below!

January 20, 2015 / Rev

Conversations at the Bar – Rrrose Carbinela

Cocktail Hour welcomed Rrrose Carbinela to a special Conversation at the Bar to discuss her work, and more particularly her newest anthology, Time for Love.  Rrrose was delightful, as usual. You can purchase Time for Love and all her other work at the usual spots.  Enjoy the show!

Rrrose’s photography site: Http://
Rrrose’s Regal Crest page:

January 19, 2015 / Nikki

Flicks and Swizzle Sticks – Comedies Vol. 1

Hello everyone! It’s been a while! This is Nikki, and Georgia Beers joined me on this episode to talk about two of our favorite comedies: Clue and Airplane!

We missed our cohort Melissa Brayden on this go-round, but if you haven’t already, feel free to wish her a very happy birthday in the comments below! (Psst! If you listen all the way to the end of the audio file, you will find a special message for the birthday girl)

January 10, 2015 / Rev

Episode 96 – Blayne Cooper

shortheader.jpgOOOH! How excited are we?! Well, pretty damn excited. One of our very favorite authors is making her comeback with a fantastic new novel. That’s right, Blayne Cooper joined us to talk about her upcoming mystery, A Dark Horse. I honestly have to say that this has been one of my very favorite shows of all time. We had a lovely time with Blayne and the audience was just fantastic. I don’t think I could have asked for more. And I think I speak for Andy, too. Because, well, I do that sometimes…

Be sure to stay tuned until the end so you can figure out what to do in order to get entered to win one of two ebook copies of A Dark Horse, which will be released around the end of March. Leave your answer in the comments no later than February 6th to be eligible to win.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

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