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October 18, 2017 / Cheri

Conversations at the Bar: A. E. Radley

Author and publisher Amanda Radley stopped by to chat about Heartsome Books and what she’s been up to lately. We had a lovely time chatting and getting the skinny on all the great books out now and on the way. Give a listen and then go check out Heartsome!

October 16, 2017 / Cheri

Episode 125: The Amityville Horror by Jay Anson

Since last year’s Halloween show was such fun, we decided to do another classic horror story. Join us as we chat about Jay Anson’s The Amityville Horror.

September 18, 2017 / Cheri

Episode 124: Fevre Dream by George R. R. Martin

So, this August’s show but we’re skipping September so you can pretend it’s brand new!! Anyone who caught it on YouTube last month, you get a rerun. Sorry about that!

This episode features the vampire/steamboat offering from George R. R. Martin. It’s nothing like Game of Thrones so if you’re looking for something different from the author, this could be a good one for you.


July 24, 2017 / Cheri

Episode 123 – Lock In by John Scalzi

This episode features John Scalzi’s interesting and entertaining science fiction novel, Lock In. There may be some minor spoilers included. We definitely recommend this book and especially the Wil Wheaton version of audio book.

Hope you enjoy the show!