Episode 47 – Cari Hunter

This episode was a little different for me. Andy took a show off and our dear friend, Megan, was my guest co-host. So when you hear me sort of stumble around in the beginning and end of the show, it’s because that’s when Andy takes charge and moves things along. The middle will feel familiar; I talk a lot. Megan also talks a lot. Our poor guest, Cari Hunter, didn’t get to talk a lot. But she does share some info about her fantastic book, Snowbound. We also spoke about her fan fiction work, which Megan and I thoroughly enjoyed.

There were no spoilers given, I think, so if you’ve not read the book, you’ll be just fine. Be sure to pick up your very own copy of Snowbound because it’s a cracking good book! (Yes, that’s about as British as I get.) You can see more about what Cari is up to at her LiveJournal site  http://carihunter.livejournal.com/ and read her fan fic at http://cj2017.livejournal.com/ or, if you’re a fan of fanfiction.net, http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1923345/cj2017.

Cari had a nice cuppa (I’m certain that if I used that incorrectly Ferox, Cari’s wife, will let me know) while Megan and I enjoyed variations of the Snow Cap: a cup of hot cocoa, an ounce of coffee liqueur, and an ounce of vodka. I used vanilla vodka. I think Megan and I would agree that if it were December, instead of August, it would have been a big hit. Below is a picture of mine.

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