Bar Rag – Bev Prescott on Food

For quite awhile now, Andy’s been working on being healthy and exercising – she’s motivated me on more than one occasion to do the same. She spoke to me a few months ago about bringing a series of podcasts to our listeners that would speak to health, exercise, and foods and I thought it was a fantastic idea.

Bev Prescott, a Blue Feather Books author, knows quite a bit about this stuff, as anyone who has seen her or read her blog will know, so Andy got her to agree to come on the show and chat for a bit. Bev believes that there are three components to good health: food, exercise, and stress managemnet. Tonight, we spoke about food.

If you’re looking for some information on how to make better choices and some ideas and resources, you’ve come to the right place! Give a listen and then mark your calendars for the next installment featuring exercise. We’ll be posting that one on October 6th. If you have questions or comments, regarding either food or exercise, be sure to let us know. You can post a comment here, shoot us an email at, or record it at 414-367-8421. But be sure to do it before September 28th, when we’ll be recording.

Some of the resources that were mentioned in the show are listed below so take a few minutes and check them out. You should also visit Bev’s website where she’s been doing quite a bit of blogging on the topic:

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