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  • Barbell with Bev Prescott Featuring Special Guest Shawn Cady

    Hey there dear listeners! Here’s a note from Bev Prescott: I had the privilege of chatting with Andy and my friend, Shawn Cady, about Shawn’s journey to good health. I met Shawn a couple of years ago at the Golden Crown Literary Society Conference when she was just beginning her journey. I’ve had the pleasure […]

  • Barbell – Once More, with Feeling: Body Image After 50

    Being healthy is not about what others think about how you look. It’s about “honoring and respecting” your body, especially as it ages. That’s what my special guest, Ann McMan, had to say on this latest episode of Barbell. Specifically, Ann discussed getting healthy and staying healthy over the age fifty, and the role that […]

  • Barbell with Bev Prescott – Food Can Save Your Life

    Food can save your life. That’s one of the big take home messages that comes through loud and clear in the documentaries, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” and “Forks Over Knives.” My good friend and your host of Flicks and Swizzle Sticks, Nikki Smalls, joined me for the second episode of Barbell to talk about […]

  • Bar Rag – Welcome Bev Prescott & The Barbell

    Andy and I are thrilled – THRILLED – to welcome Bev Prescott to the Cocktail Hour Productions family! Bev will be hosting a health and wellness themed show called The Barbell. Give a listen and learn more about what you’ll be able to expect from this brand new venue. Hope you enjoy our little chat […]