Episode 54 – The Aftermaths

Hey everyone! Happy you’ve stopped by to spend some time with me and Andy while we chat about a couple of stories called Aftermath. First we talk about Ann McMan’s newest book, Aftermath, and then we give our thoughts on XWP Fanatic’s Conqueror fic, Aftermath: The Tree of Life (http://www.academyofbards.org/fanfic/f/fanatic_aftermath1.html). There are really no spoilers in the show so feel free to listen and then go read. We liked both Aftermaths very much and we hope you do, too!

Just because we had no author guest doesn’t mean that we won’t be giving something away, we are! Leave a comment and be entered to win your choice of a shot glass, coffee mug, or drinking glass from the Cocktail Hour Cafe Press store. Honestly, they’re pretty sweet. Post your comments no later than 12/14 to be eligible to win.

We’re also looking for suggestions for our end of the year, Listener’s Choice show. We’re looking for a very good Conqueror story that we’ve not read yet. Andy put together a list of the fics that she’s read so if you can find a GOOD Conqueror fic not on the list and we choose it to read, we will award you with something super nice from the Cocktail Hour store! You can post the comment here or email it to info@cocktailhour.us. All suggestions need to be in no later than 12/14 to allow us enough time to choose and read for the 12/29 recording. Whew! That’s a lot to type out. Conqueror Fic List

Ok, if I’ve confused the hell out of you and you need more info, let me know in a comment here or via email. Sound good? Good.

Now go listen! Andy gets tipsy on the mead so that’s a bonus. Yay mead!

Mead and Port

31 responses to “Episode 54 – The Aftermaths”

  1. Nice to hear a nod to both the conqueror and XWP Fanatic. (And Ann McMan, of course!) Fanatic burned brightly for a few years before dropping out completely; writing in every genre of the canon, having a big on-line presence, then starting one of the first Xena-derived publishing companies–Fortitude Press–my first publishing home.

    Thinking about Fanatic reminds me of the heady days of the Xenaverse, which I miss!

  2. I just wanted to say how much I truly enjoy listening to the podcast. I talk to Andy so often on the phone, and having skyped with you Cheri, I feel like we are sitting in the same room and I find myself wanting to agree out loud with you both all the time! I always laugh too…this is a feel good show and it really shares both of your talents very well. I am looking forward to more shows..with or without authors, it is always a blast!!

  3. I’m leaving this for Gloria who sent us a slew of Conqueror stories instead of posting a comment here. I wanted to make sure she’s entered for the swag drawing.

    • I’d petition Melissa Brayden for an additional book if you do the cinnamon challenge. During a recorded hangout. I would even pay for the book and the shipping. Provided you didn’t inhale the cinnamon and pass away. But I would see if Kate wanted the book, instead. Cuz I’m super sweet and thoughtful.

    • Numbers are my friends Nikki! Also I don’t think we can have pretty CH items stay next to your ugly wine/beer monstrosity in the cupboard!

    • Teach me to post before I finish listening. I just finished on my lunch and tell Andy I am sorry I spelled her name wrong. I will now go find and drink mead

  4. We use Mead in our rituals so I understand how you would like it. I’m looking forward to Aftermath since I really enjoyed Ann’s previous books. I would love some Cocktail Hour stuff.

  5. Y’all talked about those who rabidly dislike Conqueror fic because it isn’t “canon.” Hmmm. I’ve ONLY read Conqueror. Looking forward to more Conqueror recommendations.

  6. Does anyone know if there is a finished version of “Queen of the Nile” on the web? I got sucked into this Conqueror series and now I would love to read ALL of it!

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