Category: Ann McMan

  • Episode 108: Ann McMan and Backcast

    As expected, we had a fantastic time with Ann McMan chatting about her new novel, Backcast. If you’ve not read it yet, we didn’t let any spoilers slip so you’ve got nothing to worry about. We also had a very special guest pop in about half-way through the show. We didn’t have time to do […]

  • Conversations at the Bar – Ann McMan, Salem West, and Barrett

    The trio behind June Magee, R.N. Festival Nurse, Ann McMan, Salem West, and Barrett joined us and what a fun time we had! You won’t want to miss this non-stop laughfest. And to make it just a bit sweeter, you have the chance to win one of two copies of the book – signed paperback […]

  • Barbell – Once More, with Feeling: Body Image After 50

    Being healthy is not about what others think about how you look. It’s about “honoring and respecting” your body, especially as it ages. That’s what my special guest, Ann McMan, had to say on this latest episode of Barbell. Specifically, Ann discussed getting healthy and staying healthy over the age fifty, and the role that […]

  • Episode 54 – The Aftermaths

    Hey everyone! Happy you’ve stopped by to spend some time with me and Andy while we chat about a couple of stories called Aftermath. First we talk about Ann McMan’s newest book, Aftermath, and then we give our thoughts on XWP Fanatic’s Conqueror fic, Aftermath: The Tree of Life ( There are really no spoilers […]