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May 27, 2013 / Cheri

Flicks & Swizzle Sticks-Lesbian Cinema Vol 1

Hello everyone! Nikki here, responding to the plethora of requests we received from listeners to feature the very best of lesbian cinema. You asked, and we answered! I asked Cheri the Rev and Georgia Beers to join me on this adventure, where we all discussed a handful of our personal favorites: Heavenly Creatures, Imagine Me & You, Kiss Me, and Bound. We had a great turnout for this show’s giveaway, so keep your suggestions coming for more chances to win a free movie! The lucky listener this month is Allison Mugnier (whose last name I butchered, and I am sorry). So, Allison, let us know which of these four films you want on dvd or blu ray and it’s yours!

We had so many requests this time around, we are sure to have two more shows dedicated to this topic, so stay tuned! My next show will be on cult classics with Cheri and Megan, so comment below to get entered to win. And, all of us in the Cocktail Hour family would like to thank those of you that have donated to the cause, helping us to give away these free movies and maintain the website. Your generosity means the world to us.

Georgia and I had a rum and diet coke with Captain Morgan (Georgia enjoyed hers with a twist of lime) while Cheri partook of a Kentucky Mule, popularized by Melissa Brayden.


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  1. nancyjean / May 27 2013 3:28 pm

    I agree that a lot of love for some lesbian movies was because we had few choices. There was a time when access was a huge deal. I’m almost afraid after the podcast to admit I liked Better Than Chocolate, but maybe I would feel differently if I re-watched it. Especially if Nikki was making sarcastic remarks during the screening πŸ™‚

    I remember when the ONLY lesbian video in my home town was Desert Hearts. Not my favorite film, but we all rented it and the video tape was all skippy near the sex scene from rewinding the tape too much. [By “we,” I mean all the lesbians who I did not know in my hometown, and probably some skeevy straight men, too.]

    Eventually, I found The Hunger [I usually avoided the horror section), and later again Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit on TV, carefully taped onto a VHS for playback. And that Australian film about the two nuns with Naomi Watts.

    I remember the excitement of seeing Go Fish, my first independent queer film, in a movie theatre at a very conservative Texas university. And the thrill of driving to Houston just to see The Incredible True Adventures of To Girls In Love in a theatre with a bunch of other gay folk.

    I also remember watching Fried Green Tomatoes three times in a theatre and my jaw dropping when classmates didn’t see “anything gay” in the film. Surly that was maintext and not subtext?

    • Nikki / May 27 2013 3:34 pm

      Sounds like an idea forming. A Mystery Science Theater 3000 showing of Better Than Chocolate perhaps?

    • Nikki / May 27 2013 3:38 pm

      Also, heteros see things through a hetero haze. They don’t see gay unless it’s GAY.

  2. amy / May 28 2013 8:36 am

    after listening to this podcast, there are a few movies, I would enjoy hearing you all discuss and hear your opinions on: Out at the wedding, Room in Rome and The Secrets. Kiss Me is also one of my favorites, so it was interesting hearing you discuss this one.

    • Nikki / May 28 2013 8:57 am

      I’ve never seen Out at the Wedding or The Secrets. I shall put them on the list! I liked Room in Rome. All that intense emotion on top of all that nakedness!

      • Rev / May 28 2013 10:25 am

        I think I’m one of the miniority that didn’t really like Room in Rome.

    • Georgia Beers / May 28 2013 2:30 pm

      I liked Room in Rome and I LOVED The Secrets (one I stumbled upon by accident on Netflix). I can’t remember if I saw Out at the Wedding. Hmm…

      • Nikki / May 28 2013 2:51 pm

        I guess I’ll have to take a gander at this The Secrets flick…

  3. trin.chan / May 28 2013 10:11 am

    I wish Saving Face to be in your review.

    Oh, when you mention about Bound.. wow, that is the first les movie ever got to cinema (in my home country) or is it still the only one until now??
    I remember I was watching it alone (luckily my parents doesn’t even know its lesbian movie, they would probably thought it just some action Hollywood movie, and good thing they are not insist to accompany me).
    And during the show inside the cinema, I want to cover my face so no one recognize… because who would watch lesbian movie alone in cinema?
    I mean, it is not common to watch alone in the cinema.. and it even more suspicious to watch lesbian movie alone…

    o ya, I really like your ending… ^_^

    • Rev / May 28 2013 10:24 am

      I love Saving Face!

    • Nikki / May 28 2013 2:32 pm

      I adore Saving Face, and that one MUST be on the next show!

      Glad you liked the little extra at the end. I always try to put a little something after the jingle…

  4. Bev Prescott / May 30 2013 3:38 pm

    The Rev’s imitation of Jennifer Tilly’s heavy breathing was hilarious. I really enjoyed listening to the show, and I always laugh every time I watch DEBS.

    • Rev / May 30 2013 8:21 pm

      Thanks Bev! So happy you enjoyed it!

    • nikkismalls28 / May 30 2013 8:22 pm

      Glad you liked it, Bev!

  5. Carrie Stephanie Joan Gooch / Jun 2 2013 1:04 pm

    Hi nikki and Cheri! It was great to see and talk to you at the good reads hangout, I really had a good time πŸ˜€

    Hi Georgia beers to, I love your books,

    This was a great show, my all time favourite lesbian movies are DEBS and imagine me and you πŸ™‚ I can so watch them over an over again! I have not seen bound or heavenly creatures yet, I watched kiss me but I didn’t enjoy it that much, probly because I can’t get on with subtitled movies. There is another film I like an that is called Elena undone, it has a really great kiss scene in it πŸ™‚ one of the longest I believe in a movie, or that’s what I herd, I don’t know if any of you have seen it? You should check it out πŸ™‚

    I love how you kept saying whore nikki! It made me laugh every time.
    I have not had a chance to donate yet but I definitely will, you guys deserve it you always make my day.

    Can’t wait for the next lesbian movie show looking forward to it πŸ˜€

    • Nikki / Jun 2 2013 5:08 pm

      We’ll keep you posted, Carrie, thanks for listening! Good luck in the drawing for next month’s Cult Classics show!

  6. Amy Dawson Robertson / Jun 4 2013 1:14 pm

    Toin on de light! Good show, ladies. πŸ™‚

    • nikkismalls28 / Jun 4 2013 1:28 pm


      Thanks Amy! Glad you liked it! You should listen to the Cult Classics show next month. You want in for a free movie?

  7. Beckie Banks / Dec 23 2015 6:29 pm

    the worst lesbian movie on Netflix is Inescapable, it is truly awful.

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