Flicks and Swizzle Sticks – Guinevere Turner

Screenwriter/actress/director/producer Guinevere Turner joined me, Nikki, on this very special edition of Flicks. We talked about two of her most iconic films (American Psycho and Go Fish) and touched on her upcoming project Creeps. We pontificated on Christian Bale’s genius (and abs), the rigors of getting movies funded and made, and how loving Kermit might just mean you’re a lesbian (ongoing study, Turner and Smalls 2013). And for you, the lucky listeners, the first 5 commenters on this podcast will get an autographed picture of Guinevere herself! So get to commenting below and head over to Indiegogo and find out more about her exciting new project! Don’t want to donate? That’s ok. Share the info anyway, because someone you know might be all about it.

Guinevere requested champagne in celebration of it being the weekend, and I found a tasty Coppola wine inspired by the lovely and talented Sofia Coppola. And sadly (fortunately?) you simply need to finish an entire bottle once you open it.


You can find Guinevere on Facebook and Twitter.

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