Last Call with Colette Moody – Fall Fuckery

Colette Moody discusses the holidays, the government shutdown, upcoming elections, prescription medication ads that list death as a possible side effect, and precisely how stupid they think we are.

Jazzloop, Florian Ennemoser (
Horror Playlist, Kevin MacLeod (
Red Haired Boy, Edie Murphy’s Royalty Free Music Room (
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4 responses to “Last Call with Colette Moody – Fall Fuckery”

  1. oh, goddess, i laughed so hard my mother thought i was going insane at the medical side effects list. i have to say, finding out there was a new last call today was like finding that last beloved candy bar in the bottom of your trick-or-treat bag – an amazing gift from the joy gods. so thanks! 🙂

  2. Definitely see your doctor if you experience anal leakage of yodeling, reggae hating, brightly colored, cheesy ooze 😛

    How do you even do these with a straight face, because I giggled all the way through listening 🙂

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