Category: Politics

  • Episode 94 – Bev Prescott Talks about Blowback

    You’re in for a treat! We were joined by one of our own, Barbell host and author, Bev Prescott. We had a fantastic discussion about her brand new novel, Blowback. We also talked about the next two projects that Bev’s working on AND we got a little insider info from her publisher, who was in […]

  • Episode 93 – Blythe Rippon

    This is a very special episode. I know we say all of the episodes are special but this one is extra special! Not only do we have fantastic debut author Blythe Rippon with us, we’re announcing the winners of the Bearded Clam Challenge. We’re sending out a big thank you to all of the entrants […]

  • Cocktail Hour Rings in the New Year with Zombies!

    And what could possibly be better than spending New Year’s Day with funny women, champagne, and zombies? I have no idea and, luckily, this year I didn’t have to worry about it. Colette Moody joined me and Andy to chat about Ben Tripp’s debut thriller, Rise Again, and reminisce a little about 2013. Moody and […]

  • Last Call with Colette Moody – Fall Fuckery

    Colette Moody discusses the holidays, the government shutdown, upcoming elections, prescription medication ads that list death as a possible side effect, and precisely how stupid they think we are. Jazzloop, Florian Ennemoser ( Horror Playlist, Kevin MacLeod ( Red Haired Boy, Edie Murphy’s Royalty Free Music Room (