Cocktail Hour Rings in the New Year with Zombies!

And what could possibly be better than spending New Year’s Day with funny women, champagne, and zombies? I have no idea and, luckily, this year I didn’t have to worry about it. Colette Moody joined me and Andy to chat about Ben Tripp’s debut thriller, Rise Again, and reminisce a little about 2013.

Moody and I enjoyed a little drink called The Poinsettia which is 50% cranberry juice and 50% champagne and 100% delish! Andy had water which, I’m sure, was out of this world!

On behalf of the entire Cocktail Hour Productions family, we wish you the very best of everything in the new year and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for listening and showing your support. You rock!

Happy new year!

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6 responses to “Cocktail Hour Rings in the New Year with Zombies!”

  1. This show was too funny!! You all cover so many topics I can’t pick just one! Oh I was mentioned…lol =) Love you guys!

  2. This episode was hilarious at times! I smiling & laughing through out.
    Thanks for all the great shows in 2013 & all your hard work/time. I’ll definitely be listening in this year too.

  3. Good show, I must thank you all for introducing me to all the authors and blogs and websites. I have such a collection of books that I have won in the past year. Every show that I listen to, always makes me laugh. Looking forward to 2014.

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