Last Call with Colette Moody – No More Bitches

Colette Moody discusses racism, sexism, and spearheads “liberation profanity.” Now shut your damn jam flaps and give it a listen (and try to win a free book!).

Jazzloop, Florian Ennemoser (

5 responses to “Last Call with Colette Moody – No More Bitches”

  1. Love it! Always enjoy your comments Moody and wish you’d show up here more often or at least write another book. I need time to think about words to add to your list, but want to tell you how a friend of mine chose to embrace the word “bitch”.

    “Yes, I’m a bitch – Beautiful Intelligent Talented Charming Human”

    Now where did I hide that magic thinking cap?


  2. I do enjoy your insightful and humorous take on life… and how about “nod waffler” – someone who says yes whenever you ask for a favor, but when it comes time to deliver, they back out. “Oh, don’t ask that guy to help, he’s a nod waffler.”

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