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  • Episode 97 – The Girl on the Train

    Welcome to episode 97! This time around, we nabbed our favorite co-host Colette Moody and chatted about The Girl on the Train by debut author Paula Hawkins. And after that, we talked about video games for a little while. That was a lot of fun but Andy was a buzz-kill and made us stop. We’re […]

  • Episode 95 – Christmas Crimes with Colette Moody

    You know the Christmas season has kicked off once Colette Moody joins us for our annual holiday show. Well, this year we decided to talk about some crimes that took place on or around the Christmas season. And, of course, we talked about lots of other stuff including Colette’s disturbing hatred of raisins. We’re going […]

  • Last Call with Colette Moody – No More Bitches

    Colette Moody discusses racism, sexism, and spearheads “liberation profanity.” Now shut your damn jam flaps and give it a listen (and try to win a free book!). Jazzloop, Florian Ennemoser (www.flashkit.com)