Episode 102: Lesbians on the Loose Panel

Thank you for joining us for another Cocktail Hour first! Tonight we’re taking the live video show to a new level with four guests. That’s right, FOUR. We’ve got Jessie Chandler, Lynn Ames, Carsen Taite, and special guest Andi Marquette chatting with us and taking your questions and comments. The focus will be on the new anthology Lesbians on the Loose: Crime Writers on the Lam.

If you like what you see, you can download a sample or purchase a copy by clicking here.

7 responses to “Episode 102: Lesbians on the Loose Panel”

  1. I don’t think my last comment got through before the end of the broadcast: Thank-you Ellen! Thank-you everyone – tonight was a fun broadcast. I don’t remember seeing that many blushing authors and hosts at the same time. It was an enjoyable evening. Yes, please, a multi signed book would be fabulous! I wish all of you a wonderful time in NOLA!

  2. Did not get to watch live, but watched late last night, you guys had a great show. I am with Lynn, on Katherine Forrest being my first lesbian author, I ever read. I believe I have a copy of all but the most recent Kate Delafield stories. Coming out in the later 80’s Katherine Forrest was the one author you could buy in a book store.

    • Yes, Amy, for sure. As the 90’s progressed there was a few years of great lesfic out there…Sandra Scoppotone, JM Redmann, Ellen Hart, who I think is the only one who’s still pubbed by a mainstream press.

  3. Wanted you both to know how much I enjoyed this episode! Looking forward to reading Lesbians on the Loose.

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