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  • Episode 102: Lesbians on the Loose Panel

    Thank you for joining us for another Cocktail Hour first! Tonight we’re taking the live video show to a new level with four guests. That’s right, FOUR. We’ve got Jessie Chandler, Lynn Ames, Carsen Taite, and special guest Andi Marquette chatting with us and taking your questions and comments. The focus will be on the […]

  • Conversations at the Bar – Andi Marquette

    Hey gals and pals, Andi Marquette and I convened for our annual check in. As usual, Andi is busier than a one-armed paper hanger, but took some time out of her crazy schedule to share the haps with us. Have a listen, and hope you enjoy the show. Here are some relevant links: […]

  • Conversations at the Bar – Andi Marquette

    Hey listeners! Andy, my Andy, had this ready for posting a couple of days ago but I’ve been enjoying my mini-vacation and completely dropped the ball! I apologize, sincerely, for depriving you of the fun. Here’s what Andy, my Andy with a Y, wrote up for the intro: Once again, it’s the Andy and Andi […]

  • Episode 28 – Andi Marquette

    Episode 28 – Andi Marquette

    Happy Halloween, Samhain, or Dia De Los Muertos! Whichever you celebrate, we hope you give a listen to the chat we had with author and blogger Andi Marquette. We started off with a discussion of the anthology she helped to put together, Skulls & Crossbones, and moved on to some of our favorite horror movies. […]