Barbell – Once More, with Feeling: Body Image After 50

Being healthy is not about what others think about how you look. It’s about “honoring and respecting” your body, especially as it ages. That’s what my special guest, Ann McMan, had to say on this latest episode of Barbell. Specifically, Ann discussed getting healthy and staying healthy over the age fifty, and the role that body image has played in her journey. She also shared some of the resources that have helped her along the way. They are (1) Dieting For Dummies (2) The Doctors Pocket Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter: 2002 Edition, Plus 101 Fast Food Chains and Restaurants and (3) Women Food and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything.

Ann is the awarding winning author of Jericho, Dust, Sidecar, Aftermath, Bottle Rocket, and A Christmas Tree Grows in Baltimore.

To learn more about Ann, please visit her website at

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15 responses to “Barbell – Once More, with Feeling: Body Image After 50”

  1. Excellent installment! You once again you mange to include advice, inspiration, encouragement and fun into an hour. Whaddahoot! And good on ya to Ann, as well. Wow. You all rock! Pax

  2. Once again, another amazing episode. I am changing some stuff around in my life right now and some of what was talked about will assist in what I am doing. I am coming off of an injury, which led to surgery. Now, I am trying to regain certain things that I had going on before. Also, I am hitting that “change”. That is a story in itself. All this and then I add in the stress of retiring from the military and learning to be a civilian. Wow. I will take all the advice I can get right now and run with it. Thanks ladies! Ann, congrats on your successful journey. Until the next time……Dutch

    • Hey Dutch, thanks for listening to the show. I’m glad that you enjoyed it. We were lucky to have Ann on the show to share your journey. Best of luck to you always on your path to good health and the journey of retirement. I suspect the best is yet to come for you. Cheers!

  3. I love the bar bell shows. I am losing a significant amount of weight this year (94 lbs so far) so the shows keep me inspired and motivated. It was great to hear Ann McMan’s journey — very impressive!
    Also, tell Ann that Cook’s Illustrated had a light recipe cookbook and I know that it has some recipes for kale 😉

    Cook’s Illustrated Best Light Recipe

    Thanks again for a great show,

    • Hi GraceAnne! Congratulations on your weight loss. I agree, Ann is totally inspiring. I’ll definitely pass on the information about the Cook’s Illustrated Light. Thanks so much for sharing the information about the book and for listening to the show. I wish you lots of good health. Take care!

  4. I’ve listened to this twice now because each time I hear something new. Ann’s insights and your comments Bev, will help me with the place I am in right now. I have struggled with weight since I got out of the military many, many years ago. Somehow I always just “settled” for what I looked like. If Ann thinks she’s a late bloomer lesbian, I have her beat. I didn’t figure it out until I turned 53. After that, I discovered lesfic, which led to making wonderful friends around fb, which has also led to groups and programs like this which are proving an inspiration to me. I hope I can make a go of this losing weight along with some other changes that I have been striving for to make my life more enjoyable and healthier. I have favorite this site and will be returning. Thanks Ann and Bev.

    • You are welcome Lori and thanks for listening to the show. I wish you the best journey as you work on getting healthy. Please be sure to stop by every now and then to let us know how things are going. Cheers!

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