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  • Conversations at the Bar with Melissa Brayden

    Andy and I are always happy to chat with Melissa Brayden. I mean, who doesn’t? She’s witty and smart and that shines through in her new book, Kiss the Girl. We did spent most of this short chat talking about other people’s books but it was a lot of fun and you should listen and check […]

  • Episode 80 – Melissa Brayden

    That’s right, dear listeners, Melissa Brayden, aka Best Number Picker Ever, is back on Cocktail Hour to chat with me and Megan about her brand new release, How Sweet It Is. I don’t think there are any spoilers in the discussion so give it a listen whether you’ve read it or not. As an added […]

  • Episode 53 – Melissa Brayden

    That’s right, Super Pretty aka Melissa Brayden aka Crazy Helpful was our very special guest on this episode. Officially, we’re talking about Melissa’s brand spanking new book, Heart Block but she and I spoke about her first book, Waiting in the Wings, for just a few minutes while Andy ignored us. Not in a rude […]