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  • Flicks & Swizzle Sticks – The Evil Dead Trilogy

    Hey everyone, it’s Nikki! I was lucky enough to have Andy from Cocktail Hour join me to discuss the wonderful world of the Evil Dead trilogy along with our good friend, Megan. Spoilers abound in this episode, but I think you will all agree that spoilers for twenty year-old cheesy camp-fests are not really spoilers […]

  • Episode 47 – Cari Hunter

    This episode was a little different for me. Andy took a show off and our dear friend, Megan, was my guest co-host. So when you hear me sort of stumble around in the beginning and end of the show, it’s because that’s when Andy takes charge and moves things along. The middle will feel familiar; […]

  • Episode 39 – Anne Laughlin

    Hey listeners! Rev here and I’m going to tell you about the podcast you’re about to enjoy. At least, I hope you’ll enjoy it. I joined Andy and our friend, Megan, to talk about Veritas and Runaway by the fantastic Anne Laughlin. This was the first episode that has been done using Google + and […]