Category: Blue Feather Books

  • Episode 81 – Cheyne Curry & Brenda Barton

    Hello dear listeners! This episode finds Andy and I getting inebriated on the wonderfully tasty (and potent) Bushwacker. Oh, we also spoke with power couple Cheyne Curry and Brenda Barton about Cheyne’s newest release, The Tropic of Hunter. But the conversation didn’t end with chatting about the book – which Andy and I both enjoyed. […]

  • Conversations at the Bar – Renee MacKenzie

    It’s all about Renee! Renee MacKenzie, not Renee O’Conner. I kid! Seriously, Renee was a bit nervous about being on the show, but after a few minutes was calm, cool, and collected, which is the Renee I know and love. Have a listen then go and check out her blog at then buy her […]

  • Episode 60 – Bev Prescott

    One of our favorite people spent some time with us today! Bev Prescott hung out to chat about her new book, Step Into the Wind. Not only did Bev agree to talk with us but she agreed to give an autographed paperback copy to one of you wonderful listeners! And there was no arm twisting […]