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  • Conversation at the Bar with Lois Cloarec Hart

    Shy author, Lois Cloarec Hart took a few minutes to chat with me and Andy tonight. We were going to mostly chat about her upcoming book, Coming Home, but we ended up talking about several of her works. Personally, I’m looking forward to checking out Kicker’s Journey. I do love me some historical romance! As […]

  • Episode 79 – Paulette Callen

    Welcome back, dear listeners! I’m so happy you’ve stopped by to check out our newest recording.  Andy took this show off to get some writing done so my favorite guest co-host, Megan, agreed to join in on the fun with author Paulette Callen. Megan and I are both big fans of her work and we […]

  • Episode 73 – Jae

    For this very special episode, Andy and I were joined by one of our favorite authors, Jae. It’s been just over two years since Jae chatted with us on episode 21 and there was a lot to catch up on! This was one of those rambling episodes that took us all over the place but […]

  • Conversations at the Bar – Shaylynn Rose

    That’s right! Prolific author Shaylynn Rose took some time out of her busy writing schedule to chat with me and Andy last night. If you’re a fan of her work – and there’s a lot of it! – you won’t want to miss this Conversation at the Bar. Once you’re done listening, you can follow […]