Bar Rag – Politics with Colette Moody

After a few failed attempts, we sat down with Cocktail Hour contributor and author extraordinaire, Colette Moody to chat about politics. It seemed a fitting topic for inauguration day and Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Moody made a few appropriate drink suggestions and she and I tried a couple of them. Andy was booze free. I’m still organizing that intervention we discussed on the Highwaywoman show… Anyway, I had a shooter, simply called MLK and Colette had King’s Jubilee.

MLK Drink Recipe (found at – which is a FABULOUS name)
0.5 oz Amaretto
1 splash Lime juice
0.5 oz Rum (it calls for Bacardi 151 but I used standard light rum)
0.5 oz Jagermeister

Shake all ingredients with ice, and strain into a 2-oz shot glass, and serve.

Kings Jubilee (we found it here:
3/4 oz lemon juice
3/4 oz Maraschino
1 1/2 oz Daiquiri Rum

Shake over ice and strain into cocktail glass

We talked a lot about congress and guns. I’m certain we’ll piss some people off but it’s bound to happen when talking about politics and guns. The Piers Morgan show featuring gun advocate, Alex Jones, was briefly mentioned and we wanted to make sure you could see it, too, so I’ve embedded the YouTube video here for your convenience. You don’t have to wait long for the guy to turn into a terrifying lunatic. Folks like this scare the shit out of me. I couldn’t stop watching. Wow.

Don’t forget to send Moody some love and reminders to write more and faster and to get those damn Last Calls submitted! (colette at

Hope you enjoy the show and check back often for more Cocktail Hour fun!

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15 responses to “Bar Rag – Politics with Colette Moody”

    • Thanks Susan! I briefly checked out the Webtender site and it’s pretty close to what I’m looking for. I’ll have to look more closely in a bit.

      And thanks for the kind words!

  1. For republicans it’s ok if kids get shot at school because every moron can carry and own a gun. However, It’s not ok for women to prevent pregnancy after a rape. I wish we would turn on our brain more often….

  2. You make a great point, Alena. Many seem to only care about saving lives or helping people if they’ve not been born yet. Once you’re out of the womb, you’re on your own!

  3. Moody! Listening to Rachel Maddow and, shocker, the VA senate jammed through some new redistricting and is working on getting the way the electoral votes are distributed changed to be based on congressional districts.

    If the new redistricting goes through and/or the electoral vote distribution process changes, VA Dems are fucked.

  4. Alex Jones is the guy who said that it would be a bigger tragedy if he lost his guns than the mothers who lost their children in Newtown, I won’t even dignify this man and call him a putz, his rhetoric and buffoonery is what makes me think that they should take the guns away from everyone, the second amendment talks about a “well regulated militia” for defense of the state, because at the time we did not have a standing army. My niece went to school not even 20 miles from this school it could have been her school. what an unbelievable asshole he is.

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