Barbell with Bev Prescott Featuring Special Guest Shawn Cady

Shawn Cady for BarbellHey there dear listeners! Here’s a note from Bev Prescott: I had the privilege of chatting with Andy and my friend, Shawn Cady, about Shawn’s journey to good health. I met Shawn a couple of years ago at the Golden Crown Literary Society Conference when she was just beginning her journey. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Shawn since then. She’s an inspiration and health seeking bad-ass. She’s lost more than 110 pounds, done several 5k runs, a 30 mile bike ride, and her excitement about getting healthy is totally motivating. Do yourself a favor, grab a healthy smoothie and have a listen.
Afterward, check out her awesome blog at If you live near the Anaheim, California area, check out her gym at Or contact Shawn through her Instagram account at shawncady64.

Finally, some resources that Shawn recommends are the following:

  • Books: “Starting Strength,” 3rd Edition by Mark Rippetoe and “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall.
  • Smartphone Apps: Map My Run, Fooducate and My Fitness Pal.

In the meantime, keep moving, eat healthy, manage stress, and own it when it comes to your own good health. Cheers!

3 responses to “Barbell with Bev Prescott Featuring Special Guest Shawn Cady”

  1. This was spectacular! Thanks to Shawn for sharing your story. I can really identify with where you were when you started. I think you may be my inspiration. I have one additional question: Do you think you would have been able to succeed in your journey without having the surgery? Great questions Bev and Andi.

    • To be perfectly honest with you – no! I tried a million times to lose weight and failed. The surgery really kick started me into losing weight and exercising. Keep in mind, this is just my personal experience. I know many people at the gym that did it all on their own. For me, I had to start with the lap band surgery. Then I had the support of my partner. The big boost has been my awesome trainer. She kicks my ass. Now I go to a cross training gym (not crossfit) and I have four kick ass trainers.

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